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Hello and welcome to Value Theatre News!

Lots to report: All Stansfield Primary students have been involved in drama workshops lead by 3rd Year applied drama Exeter University students which culminated in a day of performances last term. We had Atlas v Zeus in the ‘Time Travel Trials’ and Mr E’s class performed scenes from jungle, techno and future worlds.

Beth and Olivia have created great relationships with Kentisbeare Primary School foundation children. They are working towards a performance of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The class are exceptional for 3-5 year olds and have challenged us to get creative – in a positive way!

This term all Primary pupils have created their own ‘Stansfield News’ programme and Exeter University Students have worked with KS3 and 4 in the centre and in Cafe Nero! They have created some fantastic street theatre and contributed to the students final assessed performance before graduation which was performed last Friday! The ‘Joe Show’ complete with adverts, engaged and entertained the bespoke audience with 45 minutes of ‘game show’ and interactive scenes inspired by the Stansfield students.

Oh ….we’ve also created the ‘ fire procedure’ video, recited poetry, made our own chat show and completed Arts Award qualifications. Not bad eh?!

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